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     PUNJAB JOURNAL OF POLITICS (ISSN 0253-3960) started its career in October 1977 with focus on regional politics in general and Punjab politics in particular. The scope of the Journal has since been broadened. At present, this Journal coves three main areas of specialisation: (1) Indian Political System (2) Punjab Politics and ;(3) International Politics with special emphasis on the countries of South, South West, Central Asia, and the Problems of Developing Areas.
           The overall perspectives of the Journal is interdisciplinary. As to the first two areas of specialisation , it aims to study political processes in India. in their socio-economic and cultural contexts at the national, state and local levels, Within this overall framework, indepth study of Punjab Politics is an important concern of the Journal. In this context, the Journal also covers historical studies that are relevant in illuminating contemporary political developments in the state. As to the third area, the Journal encourages research on South, South West and Central Asia. The studies of the countries of these regions are of special interest to India considering her long-term economic, political and strategic interests.            Articles appearing in this Journal are abstracted and indexed in International Political Science Abstract ( Paris), Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life( Santa Barbara California), Index India( Jaipur ) and ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and Reviews : Political Science ( New Delhi)

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